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Team Communications and Collaboration

C.all delivers a powerful set of Team Communications and Collaboration Services from the Cloud that can be used from any device or easily integrated into many different software business systems. Services include the ability to work with Teams, to create Collaboration Topics, to post and comment on Topic Messages, to upload and share Files of any type, to Text Chat, to make Audio Calls, to make Video Calls. and to Screen Share.

C.all provides a Developer Toolkit to allow easy integration into different software business systems. All communications are now executed and preserved in the integral context of the software business system. Secure, Scalable and Reliable.

C.all is currently a Beta Trial site with a basic Community Plan and a feature rich Enterprise Plan. By registering and using the site you agree to the Terms of Service.

C.all Services

C.all Teams

Create your own teams. Join your friends, family, classmates, colleagues, club members.

C.all Discussions

Create discussion topics for tasks, projects, ideas, teams. Post messages, upload files and add comments.

C.all Developer Tools

Use the API to integrate the rich C.all team communications services into your Business Systems.

C.all Screen Share

Use your browser to share your screen with your team members. Share any application you currently have open.

Audio Calls

Make audio calls to your team members, wherever they may be, on any mobile device.

Video Calls

Make video calls to your team members on any video enabled device.

C.all Partners

C.all provides a Developer Toolkit to allow easy integration of its Team Communications and Collaboration Services into different software business systems or new software applications. C.all provides a unique opportunity to simply enable your business system teams to securely collaborate and communicate.

Many software business systems across many differerent categories can now benfit from integral team communications and collaboration. Categories such as...


Church Management


Content Management

Customer Management



Enterprise Resource Planning

Facilities Management

Field Service

Fleet Management

Home Health

Hotel Management

Human Resources

Inventory Management

K-12 Education

Learning Management

Legal Management

Long-Term Care

Maintenance Management





Professional Services

Project Management

Property Management

Recruiting Agency


Supply Chain Management

Please contact us now if you would like to become a C.all Partner and integrate C.all into your business system or application.

C.all Pricing

Choose a plan that works for you

Basic Member


Unlimited Community Teams

5 Members per Team

2 Party Contact Meetings



Basic Community Support

Community Member


Unlimited Community Teams

Unlimited Members per Team

Multi Party Team Conference Meetings

Recording and Playback of Meetings

Voice and Video Chat Messages

Priority Community Support

Enterprise Owner

20GB* per Member

Unlimited Multi-Level Enterprise Teams

Unlimited Members per Team

Multi Party Team Conference Meetings

Recording and Playback of Meetings

Voice and Video Chat Messages

Enterprise 24/7 Support

All plans support...

Unlimited Collaboration Topics allowing the sharing of Messages and Files

Real Time Chat between Contacts and Teams

Screen Sharing

Secure Authentication with MFA

Single Sign On with Facebook, Google+ and Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Android and iOS Apps


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